Monday, May 11, 2009

Goodwill is my new best friend.

Fur Real. I technically didn't do yard sales for her (Southern Hospitality) thrifty post...but I figured it was close enough!

Check out these beauties!
What? You don't think they are pretty? Imagine them with black spray paint...up on the wall by my dining room the new house.

See? Can you see it??? NICE. Still no? Yeah. My sis wasn't too excited about these either.

But she will be. She. Will. Be.

And then she'll be SO irritated that I bought them despite her gnarled lip and furrowing brow.

I also scored a jingle bell wreath (have been wanting and stalking them for YEARS-$2), a lazy susan (that needs some paint and mod podge-$3), this cute table for baby girl's room (it will be painted, of course-$8)
See that cute doll changing table? My sis scored that for Hannah's birthday. $6!

And these:
Oh, how I love them!!! They were randomly placed through the store and I was so excited to keep finding yet another canister...and then another...and then the oil and vinegar jars! AGH! I believe I got all of them for $12. They will greatly aid me in my quest for organizing AND talking hubby in to leaving a few cabinet doors off in our kitchen.

And not to forget the reason I was able to score these deals....Hubby let me have all day yesterday to play with my sis and go shopping. We hit two Goodwills, Sonic Burger (for drinks), and Joann's. I had to buy jute for a project and black enamel paint for this:

PROJECT! love it!! 75% off at Joann's because of one corner that's broken...but fixable! Can't wait to do it....but it will have to wait until we move.

What is the one down-fall of scoring all these deals yesterday? Hubs would say, "It's the money." No, Honey!

I have to pack it all.

Minor detail.

Here's my mom, me, and my sister on Mother's day:

Apparently, great minds think alike, because we ALL wore green. Must be genetic.

Thanks for a great day, Husband! And thanks for going with me, Sis!


  1. That little girls table is super cute!!

    And I can see your vision for those iron things! I think they'll look great painted black!! Good find :)

  2. Yes , I think the iron pieces will be incredible black, good eye. And the little girls table and changing table are cute. Debbie

  3. I love your idea of painting your iron things, but I would hang them over doorways like transoms.

  4. Your sister looks exactly like your mom! How cute they are! I am glad you had a good time! Your going to have so much fun decorating your new house!!

  5. Love your finds.....and I can totally picture those sprayed black.....beautiful!!!

    Thanks for checking out my blog.

  6. Those metal things in the first picture look just like something my Mom has had hanging in the house for as long as I can remember! They started out black, but then in the 70s she used enamel paint and painted them. They're still pretty after all these years! Yes, paint them black, because they looked great like that too!

  7. Love all the finds. I think I need to go hit up the goodwill store now. Which one did you go to so I can find some goodies that you haven't already raided? ;) How fun to spend the day with your sis shopping. And then to finish it off with the ever-so-fun-with-no-kids-JoAnns. Love the pic with you mom and sis too. What beautiful ladies. Hope to see you tonight!

  8. Man, you found some great stuff! I totally can see the iron things painted black. Thanks for visiting! :-)

  9. Dear Carrie,

    Hello! I just found your site through Rhoda of Southern Hospitality! Your iron pieces are beautiful! They'll look wonderful and stricking painted black and hanging in your dining room!

    Your site it lovely! I look forward to visiting it all the time!


  10. Awww, cute pic of your mom, you & sis. Love that!

    And what great deals you found & no, they dont' have to be from yardsales. Any thrifty find will do. Thanks for playing along! Your blog is so cute.

  11. I am dying of laughter right now! Please tell me that you found the wall art at the Goodwill in Clovis...because I SAW THEM THERE ON SATURDAY! Yes, I was there scoping out clothes for a costume for my hubby and I saw them lying on the floor...and thought to myself...those are HIDIOUS...I bet my mom and dad used to have something like that...there was a point in time when they had a real absession with brass items. So, as I was reading and scrolled down to see the picture, I just about fell out of my chair! I'm glad that you have a vision for them...they will look much better in black. And, if you didn't find them in Clovis...go quick and you could have some more! :o) Oh, almost forgot...I LOVE the canisters and cute!

  12. You scored! I think they will be nice black.I may have to look for some myself.I'm dong my guest bath in black and white.They may be too mod looking for that though.Good eye,I say.
    LOVEEEEEE THE jars,need them in the bath redo! Love love love the flower table.No girls here just the hopes of one someday.
    Good thrifting.

  13. Those jars are the. cutest. Now you're makin' me wanna hit our local Goodwill.

  14. You did score. You got some great stuff and I absolutely love the little girls table....too cute! I love the jars. Your new home will look fabulous once your done decorating it. I look forward to seeing it :)

  15. I'm a little hurt that your post is called "Goodwill is my new best friend." Where does that leave me??? BEHIND A SECOND HAND STORE!!!! Wow...what is this world coming to!?!?!

    On another note...that table is way cuter than I even imagined! And I LOVE the canisters, however, I'm with Bec on I'll have to wait and see about those iron thingys...hmmmm, knowing you, I'll be lovin' it!

  16. I must not go to Goodwill enough. I never seem to find anything. Although it's likely I simply lack the vision to renew and reuse. Great finds!

  17. you make me want to visit a goodwill! I have a feeling I wouldn't be as lucky as you tho! :)

  18. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Your finds are amazing!!! Love those wall pieces...they will look fabulous in black. Always trust your instinct...even when others can't see it. It's a talent you have!


  19. Your goodwill is SO much better than ours!! Great finds and I think the iron will look fantastic in black. Can't wait to see them up!


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