Friday, June 26, 2009

Easy-peasy crafts

So, I realized that with all these (alright, just two) "L's" around our house (staircase, plate in kitchen) that I didn't have anything signifying our faith up in our house and I was beginning to feel a bit narcissistic. It wasn't for a lack of trying, though. The perfect place for a cross or scripture hasn't made itself known to me, yet.

Until I was thinkin' about those black plates. You know...the ones in the previous post that you can't hardly see?

Well, I took me to Michael's (alright I took me, Big, Bigger, Little, and Shrimpy-otherwise known as my kids) and found this laser cut cross...painted it and hot-glued it to my other black plate. I love me some black plates.

That's better. My hubs graciously got some ink for our printer, so the wheels in my head are turning in regards to scripture. I take the scripture that says to write God's Word on your posts and lentils seriously, people.

Here's my other craft.

Don't let it's simplicity fool really took me about an hour.

But it was well worth the effort!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kitchen cabinets: Done. For now.

What do you think? (No, I haven't done the dishes....I'm sure you don't mind!)



I actually left FOUR doors off (you can't see the others from the front but they are right next to the other 'non-doored' cabinets). I'm debating if I like it like that and then if I decide that I do, I'll put glass in the doors. From where I walk down in the morning to make coffee and greet my day, I love the four cabinets open...even though it's not symmetrical when you see it from the living room. Would you leave it like that? I'm looking for some black/white scrapbook paper to put behind the dishes and decor there and am also toying with accent colors.

And here are two dilemmas:
My biggest question is: If you were a black/white kitchen...what color would you want your walls/accent color? Keep in mind that the main wall with the window shares space with the breakfast nook AND the family room so I'd have to be able to carry the color into those rooms. I tend to decorate with red, green, yellow, and a little blue. In our old house, they were darker colors and I'm thinking I might wanna brighten it up a bit...what say you?
Would you leave the doors off?

Here's my view when I walk down in the morning. Can you tell I'm trying to find colors?

Those black plates on the wall were a garage sale find. For a buck I brought home floral plates with pretty scalloped edges and painted them black. The top one, I painted an "L" on. The bottom one is still undecided. (Oh my sink is so full! That's one half day with four kids, peeps!)

Now that I see the pictures, I'm thinkin' the blue has definitely got to go. Still like the yellow, but I don't like any pictures I've seen of yellow walls with black and white kitchens. At least not with a brighter yellow.

Anyway...what do you think? What should I do?'s what I caught Trouble Maker #2 doing:

Yeah, putting toys on his lamp blades from the top bunk. Who KNEW?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shock and Awe!

A new post!

I know...where do I find the time, right? Well...I steal it. ;) The real trick is not stalking everyone else's blogs and realizing I just took an hour to do it!

Remember those hideous gold thingies that I was gonna put in my dining room in the last post?

Well, I painted them black (can we say INSTANT improvement?) but here's where they ended up:

Someone suggested it in the original Goodwill post and I LOVE the way they turned out. The third one is above the master bedroom door. These are the two kiddo bedroom doors. It works out perfectly and blends in nicely with the downstairs since you can see all three bedroom doors from the entry way. So, whoever suggested it...hey, thanks!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm never moving again.

At least, that's the plan.

You know what moving does for you? It makes you willing to get rid of all those things you've been holding on to, like, FOREVER, for those 'what if' moments that never come anyway. (If only hubby could learn that lesson with his high school-yes, HIGH SCHOOL-curriculum books.)

I'd love to show you pictures, but you'd only see boxes to your left...and boxes to your right. (Stand up, sit down, fight! fight! fight!)

I do have a couple major projects in the works. Now that the dead mouse under the dishwasher is gone along with the remains of one of his family members, and the roach eggs, dead roaches, mouse poo, and some things that I can't even find a name for that I just call nasty goop-are gone from the kitchen and bathroom areas, I can start working on them. I'm doing a family rules canvas for our breakfast nook (as soon as B&B-otherwise known as Becky and Brooke-get their booties moving too!), painting kitchen cabinets (OH MY GOSH! What a difference!), and caulking every little crevice I see that could potentially invite a bug into my house. Did I mention that we had belly up (read: dead) cock-roaches showing up in rooms every morning for about five days? Yeah. My daughter managed to grab one, yank its body apart and hubs thinks she might have ate some of it. Yummy.

That being said...we have internet! Yay! And DVR again! Yay! SYTYCD is calling my name!

K...gotta get back to work...which really means get dressed and get the kids over to pictures which I managed to forget to do in April for my two April babies! Pictures will come soon, I promise!