Friday, June 26, 2009

Easy-peasy crafts

So, I realized that with all these (alright, just two) "L's" around our house (staircase, plate in kitchen) that I didn't have anything signifying our faith up in our house and I was beginning to feel a bit narcissistic. It wasn't for a lack of trying, though. The perfect place for a cross or scripture hasn't made itself known to me, yet.

Until I was thinkin' about those black plates. You know...the ones in the previous post that you can't hardly see?

Well, I took me to Michael's (alright I took me, Big, Bigger, Little, and Shrimpy-otherwise known as my kids) and found this laser cut cross...painted it and hot-glued it to my other black plate. I love me some black plates.

That's better. My hubs graciously got some ink for our printer, so the wheels in my head are turning in regards to scripture. I take the scripture that says to write God's Word on your posts and lentils seriously, people.

Here's my other craft.

Don't let it's simplicity fool really took me about an hour.

But it was well worth the effort!


  1. Love the plates and the vase. I just saw that vase somewhere. Where did you find it? The JoAnn's e-mail? Or was it Grace Violet. Either's super cute. Thanks for trying it out in advance for the rest of us.

  2. Love the black plates. It adds just the right touch! The vase is super cute too. :)

  3. I haven't had a ton of time lately (wonder why...) to check your blog, but coming on today Ifeel so updated! I love your house and all you are doing to make it a home. We miss you guys and hope to see you soon!!

  4. Yah that would take a long time but you did a great job. Now hubby can bring you flowers every week :-)


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