Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Christmas Bedroom

When I saw this picture in the Pottery Barn Catalogue, I knew I had to do something similar for our bedroom.

And here it is with our lights off.

I love our bedroom. Black, white and red...but I'm lovin' the mocha color on the walls in the Pottery Barn picture...


  1. that is brilliant, i esp like it with the lights off :D

  2. So...it cracks me up how much our decorating tastes are the same...the bulk of my house is mocha, red, and black! I say we open our own store...L.L. Cottage...we could sell all of our Pottery Barn knock off ideas! :o)

  3. totally wanna copy that! boo woo that I don't have a bed like that to do it tho!


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