Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! *Updated*

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!! We love you!

This sign measures 12x24" and is $45. The can be hung or rested on a mantle/shelf. This is a great Mother's day gift! Unfortunately, at this time, I'm only doing local orders. Sorry! Reach my via Facebook or my email (it is enabled on my profile on blogger). Thanks!


  1. Caaaarrrriiiieeee!!! I love it! I want one for Greg's mom.....brainstorm here.....she only has Grace and Logan! How much?

  2. Those both are PHENOMENAL....if only my mom didn't check this so I could surprise her someday in the future...hmmmmm..... : ))) the crown is rockin' btw!!!!

  3. omg - this is fantastic, my mom would LOOOOVE it :D

  4. Awesome!!!! Such a great idea! Any grandparent would it : )


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