Monday, February 14, 2011

Cake Balls and Sugar Cookie Smoore's!

Everybody's askin' here you go!

Cake Balls
This recipe is from Paula Dean (no wonder it tastes so good!)

1 cake mix, baked as directed
1 can of frosting
2 cups of chocolate chips (I always need more)
2 TB shortening

While the cake is still warm, but not hot, crumble it up in a large bowl.  Dump in one full container of store bought frosting in with the cake and stir.  Refrigerate for at least one hour.

When cake mixture is cold, roll it into walnut sized balls.  Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze for at least two hours.  (I have taken the balls out in this form two weeks later(!), coated them in melted chocolate and they still tasted great.  Just put them in a ziploc and they should keep for a couple months).

Take two cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips and two tablespoons of shortening and melt in the microwave in thirty second intervals until chocolate is completely melted.

Dip the frozen balls into the melted chocolate and place back on parchment paper.  Refreeze for at least one hour before serving.


I like to get creative with my cake mixes.  I'll use cherry chip with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips.  Or dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and white chocolate chips.  I'll make a spice cake with pumpkin and then coat with chocolate, etc.  Use your favorite cake/frosting/chocolate chip combo! 
I also only use 3/4 of the frosting because I think they taste better with less. 

Sugar Cookie Smoore's

1 package store bought sugar cookie dough
marshmallow creme or large marshmallows

Bake the sugar cookies as directed.  I form mine into balls and then smash them with the palm of my hand.

Once the cookies are cooled, spread Nutella on one and marshmallow creme on the other and then sandwich them together.

If you are using large marshmallows, put them on the warm cookies so they melt slightly.


  1. aww man those smores look to die for!! can't wait to try out the cake balls! no smores for us.. dang kid nut allergies!

  2. Those smores look terribly delicious. I think I gained 3lbs just looking at them. I'm gonna have to make them...soon.

  3. Hello! I am making those smores cookies for Easter. They look easy and amazing. My fam will adore. Thanks Carrie.


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