Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Letters from Santa!

Hey folks!

Obviously, I really, really, really love Christmas. Obviously. So I wanted to draw your attention to one of my buttons on the right...the North Pole Secretary. This is a fellow blogger (hah! can I even put myself on the same level with the popularity of her blog?) who writes Christ-centered letters from Santa and sends them to your kiddos. Complete with post office stamp from the North Pole. AWESOME! I love anything that helps our family remember the reason for the season and keep our focus on serving others and giving rather that what we get.

Right now, she's running a special...$5 per letter until Sunday, Nov. 1st. I know my kids are gonna LOVE this and it's for a good cause, too! If you put her button on your blog, tell her about it! She'll give you the first letter free!

She is a mother of six, two of her children are adopted and this is her contribution to the family's budget to help pay off those adoptions. You can visit her blog here! She's very talented and gives lots of good tidbits for organization. Did I mention she has six kids? She only has about seven weeks (because the season is only so long) to make a dent in their adoption fees...let's help her out!!!

Look, I'll make it easy on you and put the link right HERE!

Merry Christmas!! It'll be here before you know it!


  1. Wow that is a cool idea. I love how she thought outside of the box to fund her adoption. That is so cool!

  2. I saw that earlier and clicked on it. I am definitely going to order one for my kiddo. I didn't realize she does it to cover adoption expenses. My son is adopted so I totally understand the cost!

  3. Thanks girl! FYI, I've received quite a bit of traffic from YOU! You must be famous:) What a sweet write up. You're awesome!


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