Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TWOC: Christmas Traditions of FOOD!!!

Oh! The food!!!

Oh! The aching stomach!

Oh! MORE food!

Oh! Am I glad I wore my elastic-waist pants!!!

Let's see...Where do I start? How about baking day?

We typically made:

homemade bread loafs (and I'm not talking two, here, people..I'm talking more like ten or fifteen)
crescent rolls (about 100)
sugar cookies (about 100)
magic cookie bars (1 or 2 9x13pans)
lemon triangles (1 or 2 8x8 square pans)
Russian tea cakes (lots...these are so good with coffee!)
peanut butter candies
chocolate chip cookies
Cranberry Salsa (with cream cheese and Wheat Thins)

We eat of lot of this stuff on Christmas Eve along with a whole bunch of sandwich stuff...ham, turkey, cheeses, the crescent rolls. A couple years we have made Christmas Eve a Hispanic food night and made enchiladas and taco soup with a whole bunch of chips and salsa.

For dinner on Christmas night we have:

mashed potatoes
green bean casserole
brussel sprouts and bacon (my fav)
green salad
sweet potato casserole
and more bread

For dessert we have:
pumpkin pie
apple pie (usually the sugar free kind)
boysenberry pie
ice cream
and coffee, of course!

Sometimes we make:

Brazillian torte
Waldorf salad
Banana/wafer pudding

Did I mention that I follow a low-carb diet? Yeah. Did you see it flying out the window like I do every year. Picture it. It happens. Trust me.

And this is just on MY side of the family.

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  1. Amazing! I knew I should have stopped at the million dollar stocking post and then I go on to read THIS! You and your fam are so beyond talented!

  2. WOW! I'm hungry now. I want to know how to make bread. Can you teach me?

  3. wow, that baking day sounds like a very long one :D

    yum yum - i want to come to your house for xmas :D

  4. Impressive, impressive, impressive. And making me starving.

  5. Wow...what GREAT holiday spread. all that homemade bread alone, great job. I have to admit that I "cheat" and use frozen loaves (I know bad mommy). you family is so lucky! I am not a baker, but I LOVE to cook. one year my older sister asked me to bring pies, so in MY world, I hit it off with good ole' Mrs. Smiths. As soon as my sister saw that she freaked out, "we don't use frozen pie, we always make them from scratch." Hmm, it was the last year I EVER got asked to bring the pie. Hope she doesn't see your list or she'll be trying to adopt you.

  6. All the baking you do is amazing!
    Thank you for comments on my posts!

  7. Wow! We bake, but nothing like your list! Best of luck with your "low carb" life style. Sounds pretty much like it'll go "out the window." Enjoy all that cooking!
    Christmas Blessings,
    Jayne at mysongwithin


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