Monday, September 14, 2009

Autumn Has Landed *Updated*

The Christmas Carols are playing in my only kid in school is BACK at school. It can only mean one thing. Football season has started.

Naw...that's not it...but I'm not kidding about those Christmas Carols.

It's finally....


Or Fall...depends on how you roll. We have a lot of real-life falling at our house thanks to my second born, so I call it Autumn.

And let me tell you! There has been an explosion of Autumn decor in our house!

Entry Way:

Dining Room Table:
The Kitchen:

Oh, and remember this cookie jar?
It needed a fall face-lift, too! (I swear those are different cookies in the jar!)

And then, I decided to add some make-up:

The guest bathroom:
Here I put a scripture about the harvest into a harvest-y picture frame. Not my best work, but for a two minute job, it'll do until it drives me bonkers and I have to fix it.

All the things I couldn't find a great place for have ended up on our's growing on me!

And of course....our new mantel! (It really needs some color...)


  1. New to your blog but wanted to share with you I so love all your fall decor...Simply and kind of decor!

    Those cookies look yummy and love the cookie jar remake.


  2. Umm, I am scared that you are playing Christmas carols already. But I love your decor! :)

  3. The soiree was fabulous and the house looks even more adorable in person! Love that I am the sister of such a creative person...of to the dollar store in about 3 hours.

  4. Love decorating for fall! Looks nice!

  5. Very nice, you have a lovely, warm, welcoming home. Hugs, Cindy S.

  6. Now, that COOKIE JAR is just too cute...luv what you did with it! Thanks for sharing. HAPPY FALL!


  7. Hello Carrie - thank you for sharing your Fall inspiration! I really like what you did with the cookie jar. Looks fabulous! And you have inspired me to get out my Christmas CD's! I would listen to them year-round if I could get away with it!


  8. I love the frames! and the chalkboard sign "worship".

    Come see me sometime - I'd be thrilled!

  9. Love the cookie jar makeover! What a great idea!



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