Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Need Ideas...

...inspiration! Affirmation!

Alright, I just need plain ol' help.

What color do I paint? Seriously. I'm OVER the beige-y walls and am dying to paint any wall that I can reach the ceiling on! I paint the staircase walls?
How about the living room? And if I paint...what color??? I'm dying for a red couch that I've seen (read: STALKED) at Ikea. Dying.

So, do I paint the family room a "cream in your coffee" kind of brown? A golden yellow? Green? Keep in mind that our base colors are black and white and then each room has a color that stands out...either red or green or both. Right now, with fall colors, I have all different shades of red and green and yellow. They really are my favorite colors. I tried doing blue and yellow in the guest bathroom and I just.can' It bugs. Like a stone in my shoe. (Brooke-that one's for you!)


Here's some pics of our down stairs living area....what say you???? And hey, don't know your kids watch Blue's Clues while you blog because your morning has been already such a yard sale that you just want fifteen minutes of no whining, complaining, crying, dirty diapers, and snotty noses! Whew. Can you tell it's been a trying morning?
Yes...I know it's messy. Yes, I know I could be cleaning instead of being on the computer. Yes, yes...I'll clean it up later. I know if only takes five minutes to do the dishes. I know there is hair-MY hair-on the floor...seriously...did you READ about my morning????

Ah, shoot dawg...I just remembered that I have load of laundry in the washer from last night. Apparently, I'm batting a thousand today. Great. Stinky clothes, stinky house, stinky Mommy with no shower.

But I really want to PAINT!

Oh...check out this cute pillow. Embroidery machines...gotta love 'em! I stole the idea from Ballard Designs, I believe.


  1. I love color on the walls! I really like jade on the walls, a soft green (a little lighter than the color on your pillow). In my red living room, we have chocolate furniture and a red chair, so if you want a red couch maybe a chocolate accent wall. I like a wheat yellow too, looks good with black.

  2. My best friend painted her stair walls 2 complimentary shades of green. The bottom stair was a darker shade and the upper wall was lighter. Looks beautiful! She also painted her "woman cave" pear green which is almost the exact shade of your pillow. It does work quite well in the room I must admit. For bad pics of my office,which is painted the lighter green she used, look here -

  3. I like the creamer in my coffee color choice my self! Especially with red & black!

  4. You crack me up! I have had a pear green family room...with a red couch. I did love it but I found it to be a bit "Christmassy" all year not always super easy to decorate for the various seasons/holidays. In my house now I have "cream in your coffee" walls pretty much everywhere...LOVE THEM! I did do a chocolate brown accent wall...which I love as gives the "cream a bit of umph. I also have white, black and red kitchen is painted scarlet red. So, those are my thoughts. Whatever you choose will be beautiful and are so talented!

  5. A turqiousey blue just like mine all the way. You wanted my opinion...I even have the color code of mine that you can take to Home Depot to match it. It seriously is the best color in America. That is what I would do of course. It looks amazing with red and black. But I just painted a chair Berry Pink so what do I know? tee hee

  6. cream in your coffee color! and I love that coach! :)

  7. Hi! Something that I have been seeing that is dynamic is the bannister painted black (any maybe the rails too). Also the stairway can be painted black with a runner coming down. The right shade of green on the walls would look stunning with black. That's my 2 cents! Linda


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