Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Liar, Liar...Pants on Fire?

How can you tell your kids are telling you the truth?

I don't wanna think that my boys concocted a story together to lie about who all the ice cream cones, but something is suspicious.

They blamed their sister. And I did catch her red-handed with one. But then they went on to say that she ate two other ones and that there were four in all (one was still in the box).

They had left over ice cream cone food colored 'stuff' in their molars. Yes, I checked. But they also had waffles for breakfast. Same color.

They are ALL sitting on their beds. I gave them my "evil mommy" eyes and they still both had the same story at the same time. Hhhmmm.

My oldest kept telling me, "I am NOT lying, Mom. Hannah had one in each hand and one in her arm and she kept eating them." His brother kept dancing around the room going, "Yeah, Mom. She ate THREE!!!"


I hate not being able to trust what they say, but they are at the age where lying sounds a whole lot better than getting in trouble. Darn that sinful nature!

Did I mention they are 5 and almost 4? UGH. Are they too young to quote Revelation 21:8 to?

Liars go to hell.

Yeah. They probably are.


  1. My son is 4.5 and we have the same problem. He just doesn't seem to get the concept of truth and lie. Frustrates us to no end! I guess there is no "magic pill" answer - darn it! Just good ol' fashioned scripture and parenting!

  2. So, for real, I think Hannah did eat can tell those boys that auntie is on their side...Innocent until proven guilty, ring any bells...By the way, Dad said if you ask them separately, one of them will crack...I think he was trying to remind me of the syrup/ice cream incident...again, ring any bells? LOL Love ya babe!!!! B:)

  3. LOLOLOLOL~~~seriously though...I hate it too...would it be weird to wire the house with cameras and do "playbacks"....the thought has crossed my mind!

  4. Quote on sister! And in the spirit of quoting... 2 Timothy 3:16! Tell 'em that one. :) Then hit 'em with revelations. That should work.


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