Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving is OVER (TWOC: O Christmas Tree)

(Rice crispy turkeys...they were a hit with the kiddos. Much better than pie, Mom!)

I am so glad I start listening to Christmas carols in September. It's almost over, people! Christmas is a mere 25 days away and then the let-down from an amazing holiday season begins. It's all over. OVER. O.V.E.R. For 11 months for some of you!

Again, let me insist on the goodness that is listening to Christmas carols early. At the end of Christmas, it's only 9 months away for me! Ha!

So what, I ask, did you do this Thanksgiving Day weekend?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked. We spent time loving family and friends. And eating. (The scale is not my friend this morning, I'm sure. I've been too scared to hop on her and say hi. I'm afraid she'll yell out obscenities to me in the form of numbers. Agh! Thank goodness my jeans still fit. Sort of. )

We put up our tree. Yay!

We had our official-train-ride-around-the-tree-for-the-first-time-this-year moment. (can you see us?)

And then our little man got sick...poor little Lukie.
Did everyone else have fun? And eat too much?

Twelve Weeks of Christmas


  1. no thanksgiving here in canada but i'm glad you had a great one :D
    i looooove christmas too :D

  2. Lovin' the turkey treats. Post recipe, please!!!

  3. Pretty tree! That is my mission on Friday, clean and put up the decorations! I to am avoiding the scale!

  4. Love the train with all your kiddos.

  5. What an adorable little fella. Hope he is feeling better. And I liked your turkeys.


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