Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bye-bye Christmas

I've still been in Christmas mode.

If you came to my house right now, you'd see our ornament wreath on the screen door still. You'd walk in to see our beautiful-I'll-remove-it-someday-tree. Walk past the stair case and my dining room table still has my silver bead topiary tree, er....thingys. In my kitchen? Still got my two foot Christmas tree on the counter, poinsettias in the jute vase and a snowman head cookie jar on the counter, not to mention read and white snowflake plates. I loooove them.

My mantel is still the same, save for a lovely inclusion of mercury glass candle holders I got on clearance at Target. They bring me pleasure. They bring my mantel some height next to the "Believe in Bethlehem" frame.

I also have three trees next to our couch. Yes, three. Still fully decorated. Upstairs, our bedroom still has the pottery barn inspired addition and our kids' doors are still adorned with garland.


Until I saw this:

And now...I can't wait to get rid of this stuff and get movin' on decorating my house with silhouettes and Valentine's Day!!!


  1. LOL! I heart my silhouettes (that's a really hard word to spell btw). They're the stinkin''ll have to post them so peeps can see what a rockin' auntie you are! Love you!

  2. it's hard to get motivated to put everything away, can't wait to see your silhouettes :D


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