Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine's Day Decor

I've never been one to decorate for Valentine's Day...but I'm teachable. Sometimes.

Candy conversation hearts are in a new candy dish that I made from an old taper candle holder and a completely never-gonna-get-any-more-candle-light-out-of-this-candle gone glass candle holder from PartyLite. Stick the old candle in the freezer and then pop it out and reuse the glass it came in. Then hot-glue it to a cute stand! Wa-lah!
I cut out paper hearts and glue dotted them to my cabinets. Fun, cheap, and easy!

I sewed some fabric hearts to hang where my Christmas stars were on my lamps:

And of course...God gave the greatest Valentine EVER!

The frame says:
I've decided this will be a memory verse for our kids this month. I know. My kids are so holy, right? Riiiiiiight......

And lastly. My mantle that used to lookie-like-dis: lookie-like-dis:

Hey...when in doubt. Stick a paper heart in it!

See those container thing-y's with the bead picks and jingle bells? They are glass taper candle holders from the dollar tree store that I topped one with a vase from...where? The dollar tree store! Who knew, right??? And the shorter one is topped with another PartyLite glass candle container. Freezer, pop, done. Fur real.


  1. Ok I LOVE the verse with Valentine in it :) and you are a spaz. xoxo

  2. great decorations - i really like the fabric flowers :D

  3. Wow! For a first timer, you look so "seasoned." And I am sure the kids dig it, but what will the hubby say?!? My guess..."you've gone craaaazzzy! Just like your stinkin' sister!"...LOL love love, everything...but you forgot to say, "tah, dah!"

  4. Very cute! Your totally in the Valentine spirit, I love it! I might have to copy that verse with the Valentine in it......what a great idea! The fabric heart is absolutely adorable. You are so creative!!! :)

  5. I love it Carrie! You are so crafty! I love the verse. You're such a great homemaker!

  6. Love the candleholder ideas! I need something with a small base for my narrow mantle. I'll be heading to the dollar store tomorrow. I like the paper hearts added to the wreath as well.

  7. Hey, Carrie, sounds like our hubbies do have similar book interests. John Mc is my hubby's fave pastor, he went to John's seminary & loved it. I'm glad I've got a deep man. :)

  8. I totally love the hearts on your cabinet. What a cute idea. Loves.


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