Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh yes! Mercury candlesticks are my friend.

What do you get when you combine a mercury candlestick, a glass pillar hurricane, and hot glue?

LOOOOVE. And I love my fake snow. Hey, Christmas maybe over, but it's still winter, people! Wanna know how I got it? Wanna, wanna???

Oh, alright!

Take a disposable diaper and cut the thin film open on the inside. See that cotton stuff? Pull it out and put it in a bowl, and add water. Knead meatloaf. Add more water until it has a light fluffy consistency. And its safe! (Hello, it touches your baby's bottom, it better be safe!) But, look it up, you'll see.

Oh, and here's another her new "made by Mommy" pillowcase dress, with her name on it. She insisted on the shoes...go figure. (I just noticed Isaac is hilarious in the background!)

Love her!


  1. Ok why is the dress so cute on a two year old and if I made pillow case shirt for myself, I would look prego! Go figure that she would wear it so well! Shee looks just like you! B:)

  2. Very cute! I still have my snowflakes hanging and my Christmas plates up. As you said, it is still winter:)

  3. what a great dress and the snow from a diaper totally cracked me up :D

  4. you made that dress out of a pillow case? awesome. if I live closer will you teach me to sew easy things? really would you?? ;)


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