Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Do you love 'em?

Hate 'em?

I personally don't like them when they are all over the body, on the front of the neck, the chest, all the way down the arms, etc. But on backs, no biggie. My sister-in-law has one on her foot and I love it on her!!

Some tattoos are just down-right FREAKY. Yes, these are TATTOOs!!!!

My boys would LOVE this one:
Sorry, boys. It's not happening. Ever.

Some more questions for ya!

Where would you get one and why that spot?

What would it be and why?

If you have one, do you regret it and why?

Here's the most important question. WHERE DID YOU GET IT??? I obviously want to go somewhere reputable!

Most people have told me to make sure it has meaning for you personally, not just to get one rashly and without reason. I've been stalking different tattoos for MONTHS and think I have what I want, the question is just where.
And for those of you who are wondering: my husband has a silent love for them. Don't try to deny it, honey. By that, I mean...he smiles when I talk about getting one, asks me where...and then offers suggestions. Yup, he's on board. And I think he's looking forward to me having one. Just sayin'.

*None of these tattoos are what I'm getting....just in case you were wondering.*


  1. Hey, I have mine on the back of my neck. So does shandon. I know I love mine, and every morning I grab a mirror and look at it and its just a daily reminder. Mine is the word chesed in hebrew which mean god unfailing love. it does look like the word ton, but when ever some one ask me if that is what its says I have the opportunity to tell them its meaning. My mom and I both got ours at evil eye tattoo in Bakersfield, don't let the name fool you, they are super nice and really care about their craft. We also went right at noon, so no crazies were there! Good luck!

  2. I have friends who are, how would you say... tattoo aholics? They get there's in Pismo, I could get the name if you need it, and they have never had anything but great things to say about them. (Quality and cost wise!)

  3. Sure, Heather! That would be great. Did they need to set up an appt??

  4. I don't have a tattoo but my girlfriends that do have them in the following places - hip, ankle, wrist, back of neck, top of the butt cheek, tramp stamp, & boob.

  5. I have 2 small tatoos on my right hip and now they are ugly after having children and wish I had never got them. Just as long as they do not show I am fine with them. I don't like them on the ankle or foot because if you dress up I think it looks funny. The wrist is pretty bad too. That is my opinion in a nut shell.

  6. I have one that I got in Santa Cruz at Staircase Tatoos (I LOVED the place, very clean, friendly, talented, not a scary tatoo place) I have also heard great things about Tower Tatoos here in town as well as a guy named Lou out in Lemoore. Anyone in the South Valley will tell you he's the best. He's done all my husbands (yes he has many) as well as my sister-in-laws (yes she had two) and all her friends (some have full sleeves). Mine is on my lower back over to one side (it didn't hurt as bad because there is more padding over to the side than right in the middle). Mine is of the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. We had a friend that died of it and when I got the tatoo I was about to have surgery to remove a "mass" that they were going to biopsy. It turned out to just be a cyst for me, but I have always been involved with breast cancer awareness and love what it represents in my life. If I get another one, I love to get it on the front of my hip and I want a small heart since my last name is Valentine. I want just the outline and I want it to look like it was stitched on, so like little lines to make the heart outline. I've designed it, it's hard to explain.
    I can't wait to see what you get!

  7. Ok - for the them when they are tastefully done...some people look better in them than others...and I think you could rock one! or two....:) Also, I am not sure of the name of the tatoo place in Pismo, but one of them burned last week and was a total might know it's the one across the alley from The Scoop and above the pet store. Anyway, you go girl...I am a chicken...but desire not to be...

  8. I love tattoos! I have wanted one since I was 16, I'm 27 now. One day hopefully I will get one. Everytime I mention it, my husband is kind of like "whatever". Doesnt want to spend the money on it. But I am getting one someday! I want an owl, on my foot. Owls remind me of my mom.


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