Monday, July 20, 2009

All for $20

It's that time again! Hop on over to Rhoda's over at Southern Hospitality for thrifty finds!

My friend's mom was having a yard sale, so of course I went! I got some stuff that I love and that I can use! (Always a good thing!)

These pots will be so cute at Christmas! 30 cents!!!! And they are BIG. Much bigger than what you are thinking they are. That's my sewing machine RIGHT behind them. No camera tricks here!

This massive "teacup" is so big, you could really use it for chips and fruit! See how small that tape measure is next to it? $3!!!
And this...Oh, be still my heart! This piano seat is just dying to be transformed and used at our breakfast nook table!!! $5!!!
And this lamp...$5!! That beats Goodwill's prices!!
I also bought some books and it brought my total up to $20...and then I headed off to do my moms manicure (and make back the money I just spent).

Top the day off with a night out with girl-friends to celebrate one of them passing her test and becoming a certified RN, and you've got a really good day!


  1. That lamp is so pretty, and I can't wait to see what you do with that piano seat!

  2. Holy cow- that is one big mug! LOL
    What a bargain on your sewing machine stool! My mom and grandmother both had one and we used to love to snoop inside to see all of their goodies.... thread,bobbins, rick-rack, etc. Are you going to paint the lamp to match your room?
    You found some good buys. Sue

  3. You found some wonderful things...great prices, too! Looking forward to seeing your transformations :)


  4. Great finds! Especially love the lamp, so pretty!

  5. What great finds! Love the red bins...awesome price! I love the lamp and big cup too!

  6. Great day for you. :) Love the lamp and giant tea cup. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. The lamp is really really pretty!

  8. Ohhh so jealous of all of your finds, love everyone of them! I love love love the lamp and that big teacup is AWESOME! Love those pots!! Awesome finds!

  9. Love that stool--looks like it'll be an easy re-do--and the lamp, too!

  10. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by Domestic Princess in Training! Looks like you found some wonderful deals as well. I love the plate/silverware transformation above. I have a project in mind that is a bit like yours but I am hunting for the right silverware to complete it. Yours turned out wonderfully and adds a nice pop of color! Hope you are having a wonderful week.



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