Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Entry Way

My friend Cindy came over yesterday with her two kiddos. It was so much fun and made the morning go by so much faster! Cindy is a great conversationalist. She has become a welcome phone call to have in the middle of the week. Always chipper and always ready with a little sarcastic banter to brighten my day! Hopefully, her and her kiddos can become a great play-date in the middle of the week since she moved so close to me!

While she was here, she commented on my chalkboard frame and asked if I had posted about it yet and that if I hadn't, I should. So, you go.

The large oval is what we're lookin' at here, peeps!
Again, I painted the frame black (98cents at Walmart for the black spray paint) and gave the glass portion several coats of spray chalkboard paint. (At this point in my explanation to Cindy she gasped and said..."Spray chalkboard paint??" and then....I opened up a whole new world to her! LOL!)

Yes, my friends....spray chalkboard paint. Don't believe me? It's at Lowe's. Or Michaels. Or Joanns. (are Joann and Michael friends??) or Home Depot. Or Wallymart! Looksie:
AGH! I know!!!! It's inspiring!

So...I waited for the paint to dry, put the glass back in and the picture because it holds the glass steady...and wrote about five hundred messages on it until I finally settled on "Welcome Home, Daddy!" because by that time, it was time for the hubs to be home. (I've changed it since then...obviously!) I used a plate easel to hold it up and wha-la!
There you have it! Another frame turned chalkboard. OH. And in case you're wondering how addictive that chalkboard business is...I have it in my kitchen, entry way, planning on something for the kiddo's rooms and want one in my breakfast nook. So the answer is very. VERY. addicting.

Here is our whole entry way table. I have the candles (vanilla and baked cookie..yummy!!!) ready for Autumn (it can't come soon enough!) and I swear I have checked that mirror a hundred times. It's level. But apparently, it takes pictures crooked. Hmm...just like me....hhmmm...

See the reflection in the mirror? Apparently, you should have a nice reflection for your a beautiful vignette to look at. Who knew? Well...just about everyone but me, I guess. And you, if this is news to you. You're supposed to be making another picture. know those mirrors I had in my old house that just reflected the blinds. Yeah, not pretty. This is soooo pretty and still reflects indirect light. My flowers are a sorry sort, I know. They are left overs from storage and will just have to do until Autumn comes (and then....oh the pretties I have for there! swooon!). What I'd really like there is some sunflowers. Bright and cheery for the summer. But that will have to wait until they go on clearance...which will be right about when I decide my Autumn decor needs to come out. What can ya do?

So...welcome to our home. This is what you'll see when you walk in....

oh...and toys. Pretty much everywhere. Don't laugh. I'm not kidding. Some day, I'll be out of the toy stage, until then...


  1. A great idea! I hadn't thought about using chalkboard paint on glass. I have some I bought to touch up Kiddo's chalkboard but haven't used it since...hmmm....

  2. so let me get this straight you spray "chalkboard spray" on glass and it becomes chalkboard?! How flipping awesome! And I marvel at your awesomeness and frankly I am jealous of you! :)

  3. I would have never thought chalkboard paint would work on glass. Now that is too cool. And we have some of those ugly gold frams around this house. I'm gonna have to start updating and creating!

  4. Yeah for your friend CIndy demanding you put this on your blog. I bet she is SOOOO cool! (ha!) On a serious note...thanks so much for having us over and feeding us lunch. We really do have to do that more often. And when the weather decides to cooperate, you all will have to make it over my way to play in the back yard. Thank you again and hope to visit again soon. Oh....I too heart the chalkboard paint and your super cute frame. Oh, and your house, and all your other goodness!

  5. I love the chalkboard in the hallway! I made one last night and am moving it in the foyer tonight! Thanks!

  6. Oh I love your chalkboard! I have a few of those oval frames with 80's country scenes in them, what a perfect way to update them! Love it!


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