Monday, July 6, 2009

The Mother Load...

at my mother's house!

I love when my mom does a little bit of cleaning...and then calls me over to pick through the things she is tired of. Thanks to the blog world and new found appreciation for spray paint, I look at things in a much different light. And there's no greater thrifty find when it's FREE.

Cute Southern Living Candle holder. Don't think I'll be painting this one....yet.

I'm planning on a healthy dose of black for this platter:

(Blogger picture up-loader-thingy, why is this cross on its side?)
This is staying as is...and going in my guest bathroom.
And some things, you want just because they old sentimental value. Like this miniatures shelf thingy. Mom has all the miniatures that go in it and I remember it as a staple in my childhood home. And since Dad bought them for Mom...well, I'll probably display it just as I remember it.
Not sure what these things are...but I'm sure I can find a purpose for them! (and paint for that gold platter thingy.)
This picture is another memory for me. I always thought it was my Mom. It's not. But I can remember staring at that picture trying to figure out what she was thinking about. The trivet is getting painted...some color....not sure what yet. I loved the grooves in it, though. Eh, we'll see.
This mirror is about 5x5" but the frame is about six inches around it. Interesting. I think I can see my whole nose in the reflection, but that's about it.
This shelf I'm stalking for my laundry room....
Another memory here...but these, I have no problem changing. I just wanted the ovals around my house to soften the harsh lines I have all over of shelves and square or rectangular mirrors.
Love this wire tea pot. It's a candle holder...who knew?? Thinkin' of painting it green....
But my favorite find of the day is this lock. Yes, the lock. The other great thing about shopping at Mom's house is that you find little treasures like this and even though you have missing pieces, you take it anyway because, hey, it's Mom's house and she just. might. find. it.
And she did.
That lock has a small hook on the bottom to house a skeleton key. And she found the key.
I love that woman.

And here's something that I did have to buy, but it was in the $1.50 bin at Walmart. I'm thinkin' of these fabrics to make curtains for my kitchen. At two yards of fabric for under $5...hubby was proud. I even paid with cash....hehe. The color swatch (named Apple Green) is the color I'm going for in the kitchen and I didn't think this fabric was too far off.

Ok...I'm done...finally!

Head on over to Rhoda's place at Southern Hospitality to see what great things other people dug up!


  1. Very nice finds! Shopping at Mom's is the best!

    Love the fabric! A girl can never have too much fabric!


  2. I have a mom like that! Can't wait to sift through all her things with a more open mind, now!

  3. My grandma had the smae picture of the girl with the flowers. I saw it immediately and thought of my grandma. I think it is still hanging in her house that my aunt lives in now. Love the free stuff!

  4. i love that stuff and yes, spray paint can cover a mulitude of sins! :)
    ok, that first black platter, you should spray paint it black and then paint the middle flat area with chalkboard paint and hang it in the kitchen and write a menu item, or "welcome", or "bon appetit" (is that how you spell that?) or "llanos"! that would be CUTE!

  5. I always "shop" at Mom's too! Every time I go over there I come back with something! I like that lock too, and that wire teapot is adorable! Mom has some great things, and it's so nice of her to share!

  6. Lots of fabulous freebies! Plus it is wonderful to have pieces in your home that sentimental value! The fabric is lovely!

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. The freebies are definitely a plus. I do the same thing with my Mom, and my daughter does the same thing with me. We are always checking with each other before we get rid of stuff. I think the material for the curtains is great, and you can't beat the price, unless it is free of course. Thanks for sharing. Jackie

  8. You should paint the trivet and hang it on the wall. I think the tea pot would look awesome in green!
    I am obsessed with keys and locks and I think I might be able to now say I collect them That lock is to die for!

  9. hmph. I think I was snubbed on that deal, eh? No one told me she was getting rid of such great finds. hmph....puttin' on the pout lip right about now...oh wait, I don't have one of those either...oh well, guess I'll have to wait and see what you do with all your "thrifty finds." hmph...did I say "hmph" enough? No? ya go, one last time...hmph.

  10. By the way - paint the mirror frame black and use a pillar candle....just sayin'

  11. Hey Carrie !
    Come see my blog...I bought the same oval plastic swan picture and made it a chalkboard - so cute !
    I love all your finds girl !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  12. I love doing the same thing at my moms! The apple green is (I think) the exact color that I have painted in my kitchen. I love it and have used various black and white prints to go with it. Great Finds!

  13. Yes - free is good. When I clean things out, I don't get rid of them til my children come by. :)

  14. Carrie, thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday about my Thrifty Treasures! I fell in love with the chairs and am trying to decide where to use them. Once I do, then I'll figure out what color of fabric I want to use.

    You got some great stuff from you mom's house! I think I need to see if my mom wants to get rid of stuff. And that fabric from Wal Mart is so nice!

  15. and btw, I'm glad you cherish your mom like this! :) Mine passed away when I was 17...

  16. oooh, drool over that lock thingie!!

    And that platter has such amazing detail!

  17. Shopping at mom's house is the best! I got a chuckle out of that! We had the same picture of the little girl....You made a great score on that fabric!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, come again soon.

  18. Golly that is some good junk! I see lots of possibility there! And you love me don't more yucky wv...kiss kiss


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