Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I covered my lamp shades



I covered my lamp shades.

What??? I covered my lamp shades.
Those pretty toile lampshades? Yeah.
How could you???? They didn't match.

But now they do! :)

Here's how I did it!
Buy cheap-o fabric at the fabric store. Check.
On sale. Check.
Iron it. You should know me better than that.
Plug in your hot glue gun. Don't look at me like that, just do it.
Spread the fabric on the floor. Check.
Roll your existing lamp over it. Check.
While chalking a line for top and bottom. Oops.
Roll your existing lamp over it...again. Check.

While chalking a line. Check. Whew!

Cut out your half donut looking shape thingy while leaving room for a slight hem. Check.

Hot glue the sucker on! Check.

Not sure how? Here ya go!

I pinched my fabric at every wire to give it a little extra oomph!

I hot glued it at each pinch and then went back and glued the full circle around the top and the bottom of fabric on the under side because my extra hem line let me fold it over the top and bottom of the shade.

After about half way, I got this:
The fabric wasn't following the curve right anymore. I'm sure math wizards could figure it out, but my math prowess ends at 7th grade math team.

Here's what I did instead.

I folded it along what would have been a pinch line anyway until the circle lined up with the shade again and then just carefully cut the excess off. You have to cut it because when you turn the light on, you will see any folded fabric as a shadow.

After that, I ended up with this:
No biggie because when the lamp shade was all done, I used black quilt biding to finish off the upper and lower edges. It covered it perfectly.

When I got the end of the lamp shade, I just folded the other side and glued them together.
Then I went back over all the folds with a glue gun to glue 'em down.
And here it is:
I'm thinkin' it needs a monogram. Of course I do, because I think EVERYTHING needs chalkboard or a monogram!!!!

Visit Kimba today for more DIY'ers!

On another note. It was Noah's first day of school! Look at my big Kindergartner!

I promise...he really WAS excited!

Kids. I tell ya.


  1. Very serious he is! Love your new blog!

  2. I think the lampshades look great! And your son is so cute!! :)

  3. Lovin' the shade...definitely monogram, definitely. (did you say that out loud like Raymond in Rainmain? No? Try again.) Lovin' Noah even more! Love how he trys to look like a tough big boy! You really shouldn't make him take pictures if he doesn't want to...he he!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I tried and tried not to succumb to the fleur de lis craze, but it got me. I love your lampshade. I really want to attempt one, but I haven't worked up the courage...yet! :o)

  5. What a great idea with the lamp shade. I love it! Your little guy cracks me up with his facial expressions. :)

  6. You ooze with talent!!! Love the shades and the picture of the new kindergartner!!!!


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