Thursday, August 27, 2009


God taught me an invaluable lesson through it.
Alright, more than one.
Hey, I'm a teachable person.


I had stalked (and when I say "stalk," I mean STALK!) a painting at Salvation Army for about a month. It is hu-uge. Like, 52" long and 2.5' wide. Yeah. Huge. Not that I liked the painting that was in it. know me better than that! I was really stalking the frame that was around it. Pretty, scalloped corners...begging...BEGGING to be painted.

Oh, the painting was begging to be painted, too. Chalkboard style, baby!

So, I like I said. Stalked it. The price tag was $39.00. Hmm...yup...that would have to wait. I thought about it off and on for some weeks. Every time I'd go in there (don't judge...I only went in there about once a week...) it was still there. Untouched. I think inanimate objects talk to me. Seriously. Is that strange?

Well, lo and behold! Salvation Army was having a 50% off day! Woot! I was thinkin' that since I had thought about it and stalked it so much, that I'd spend $20 on it just for my sanity! And I figured my children would praise me at the heavenly gates since they had taken to saying, "This store AGAIN?" as I dragged them through the doors with a stern look. I go, right? Register rang it up for $9.00!! At this point, I'm thinking it's my lucky day and get started on it the very next day...

Bam! Boom! Done! Love it!

Even used my stenciling method to monogram it because, really, what DOESN'T get monogrammed at my house? Not much.

Looks...pretty huh?

And then...IT happened. Bam! Boom! Yeah...that's right.

It fell of the wall.

Oh the tears.
Naw...I didn't cry.
But I was close.

Especially when I remembered that I had spent time working on this instead of reading my son a book when he asked. And I thought of how it made me giddy...and then I thought of how temporal that giddiness is when compared with making my kiddos happy.

Now I'm not advocating dropping everything you need to do or even WANT to do for your kids. They definitely need to learn that the world doesn't revolve around them. BUT...would it have hurt me or this project to spend fifteen minutes reading a book? Nope. And since I happen to be kind of stingy with my time already....

Lesson number 1: This was a good reminder to me that the temporal things of this world, I can't take with me.

Lesson number 2: A reminder that God has given me what I have and has gifted me with the blessing of children. Even when I wanna rip my hair out and pull my head off my neck and shove it down the toilet just for some peace and quiet. Ahem.

Lesson number 3: Perspective, people. It was just a $9.00 picture and it was just a piece of decor in my house.

And ya know? It was salvageable. It's fixed and practically glued on the wall so it (hopefully) won't fall off again. I bet you wouldn't even notice if I didn't tell ya.

Yes, I still have those paint samples on the wall. Still deciding.

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  1. I called you immediately to tell make me laugh...I also really like watching your new house become a home. Love the board. :)

  2. I love that you write like you talk! The board turned out great. You have a gift for seeing potential in other people's junk. I wish I was so creative!

  3. Great job on the board! You're so right about just taking that time with your kids. Sometimes I think back to when my kids were little and regret not being more patient. They were some CRAZY days but if given the opportunity, I'd probably do some things differently :)

  4. OMG that is fabulous! I love it...sorry about the breakage! But it is it.

  5. Very nice. Now go read your kids a book. :)

  6. I go for the 3rd shade from the left on the lighter side.

    Love what you did, I would have never thought of doing that you creative girl you!

  7. Lovin the board. What are you going to write on it? Is is a free for all? Or would that cause it to crash again? I would have almost cried too. Glad it was all ok in the end and you learned. Oh...and that I can learn from you too. How come I never saw this lovely in there? The one on Villa? I am so going in there tomorrow or Monday.

  8. Hey girl! So proud of you. I love your honesty, I love your hard work, I love your frugality (is that a word), I love your mama's heart. We all walk that out everyday. That head in the toilet is tempting sometimes, huh. I hope you have a great weekend. Which thrift store is your favorite? My neighbor says DA has the most. What is your opinion? Talk soon!

  9. OMG! You are so H.O.T.

    I am laughing out loud at you right now! Can you hear me? You know I am not lying!

    BTW - That'll teach ya! Puttin' off the boy like that...tell him he can call Auntie anytime he wants someone to read to him and I'll put Gracie right on it!!!!

    Don't you love my perspective! Go ahead, just out that coffee might come right out your nose....

    Have I told you that your profile pic is H.O.T.?

  10. OH so cute. . . and I LOVE the monogram stencil!

  11. You had me in stitches! I love the chalk board and suffer from the same Monogram-itis as you! Fantastic job.

  12. Very cute!! I am thinking of turning some of the frames I bought into chalkboards! Love the mongram too. Been wanting to do that to something!


  13. Amazing redo!! You saved it from the Land of Ugly!!

  14. LOL, cute post! Love the turned out well!


  15. A cute board (love the monogram!), a lesson learned and shared~I'd say, it's all good! :) Thanks for linking up!

  16. I love this so much. I have been looking for a picture in a similar size to transform to a chalk board. I think I will be checking the salvation army next. Great job!

  17. It looks great...I love the monogram...wonderful job!



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